Breaking up with a whole pile of hobbies

When's the last time you broke up with a hobby? Because I've unintentionally-but-decidedly been doing a lot of that lately, I got a kick out of the way my actions were so well described in these pieces:

Reading them was so affirming, and also provided further ideas concerning creative ways to unload even more unnecessary items I have hanging around.

Although the size of my storage unit is so outrageous that my friends, upon first seeing it, have extreme reactions (see photo,) it's easy to forget just how much stuff I have. And how many now-defunct hobbies.

But I'm on it. Finally.

In addition to pulling together my pottery supplies (clay, tools, wheel, glazes, books, etc., ad nauseum,) and 65% of my jewelry design-related stuff for my mom, who will have it in her eagerly-awaiting hands asap, (Thanksgiving?) I also have been hooking up some friends.

This weekend, I shared:

  • some yarn (not much; the friend who got that is an admitted yarn snob, and I don't mind, there's plenty left to keep me busy if I ever do decide to knit more scarves, and also to share with others. Anybody?)
  • candlemaking supplies. A whole box of 'em. And votive holders. Who needs that many, seriously?
  • stamps and stamp pads and fancy scissors and other things related, I guess, to scrapbooking. Which I never actually did. I just had a bunch of stuff scrapbookers use. Can't remember why now, but it seemed like a great idea at the time. I'm sure whatever I made for the five minutes it was on my radar was highly creative and glorious to look at.
  • new and used canvases, sponge brushes. Those will be used by children, so they'll surely not mind painting over the old canvases.

I already gave away some stained glass-related materials, a few months ago. Which is a hobby that never did take off. And some paints. (More in there, I'm convinced, somewhere.)

Still have tons of fabric, and really who knows what else? But most of it's going. No need to keep paying to store this stuff. As was mentioned in the first of the two Unclutterer pieces, if it's been this long since I've used the hobby accouterments, it's not really a hobby anymore.

Amazing how attached we can become to our things. And how good it feels, once the decision finally appears, to get rid of it. Very freeing. Especially since I know it will be enjoyed far more by the people who are receiving it, than it was by me in recent months.