Blogging the process for accountability: the only reason that mattered (About Those Push-Ups, Part 2)

For the past few hours, I had this annoying, nagging, irritating sense that there's something looming. Of course each time I paused from my decidedly-unirritating design project, I knew exactly what was looming. It's Those Damned Push-Ups. Today was one of the 3 days this week I was slated to do those push-ups. My Push-Ups.

"Know Thyself" brings a wise recommendation. I do: know myself, that is. In a life that will only ever truly satisfy me when I learn Way More Than I Know Now About Balance, I have to work really hard to find that balance. Otherwise I'll spend hours on end designing or writing, or designing and writing, and playing... but rarely paying attention to the advisability of regular exercise. Because many days? The idea of exercise just gets in my way and irritates me. But I want to change this, see...

So I publicly blogged my decision to start doing regular push-ups with the goal of forcing accountability upon myself. Becasue you know what? If I had not declared to "the world" that I will be adding this challenge to my life, there is no way I would have done a single push-up tonight. And yea: I know I should have done them this morning. Most certainly by this afternoon. But babies? We're taking some serious baby steps today!

Thank you for letting me "use you" to help achieve my goals. Whoever you are, thank you for helping me get in there and hit the floor. Because this time? I couldn't wouldn't have done it without you.