Blogger validation in this morning's email

New Blogger Lady has just gotten the hang of inserting links into her posts. She's gotten excited by the process, feeling the gratification of knowing her readers can just click the handy link she's kindly added to her narrative, and just like that they can learn even more - if they care to - about her topic.

Here's a snippet from the email awaiting me when I woke this morning. She'd written it at 2:02am:

This has to stop. Inserting links will bring the best to ADD. You can just go on and on and here and there...... NOW I understand what you mean when you talk about having time to blog. It really does take a lot of time.

Just like she'd anticipated, I also often fall victim to the "It shouldn't take too long" mindset that befalls someone to whom writing comes naturally. It's when the realization that Someone Might Actually Read What You Write takes over, and you start channeling the voice of your AP English teacher that the blogging takes on its own pace.

But I'd be hard pressed to put this activity aside, at this point.

Welcome to the addiction, Dear New Blogger Friend! I hope you enjoy it as much as I (usually) do...