Big Magic! My first book group inspired me to create more AND be "easier" on myself

In spite of the childhood spent with books rather than TV, and the English degree that followed, the first post-collegiate discussion group I ever participated in that revolved around the shared reading of a single book didn't happen until this year. For 3 weeks, a group of like-minded creatives came together to discuss Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear, by Elizabeth Gilbert. Which makes perfect sense around here, wouldn't you say?

The insights of the other participants brought an array of encouraging reminders. Right much magic happened in that room as we discussed our art and the making of a life that features art and creativity. Still, I came away knowing that I need to carve out more regular time for my own creative pursuits. I even gave myself a bit of a lecture, our last night, over how irregularly I come to the pursuits of my creative practices.

Big Magic, essential oil blends in roller balls, some of my Zentangle tiles (finished AND incomplete ones,) and one of my yoga mats.

Big Magic, essential oil blends in roller balls, some of my Zentangle tiles (finished AND incomplete ones,) and one of my yoga mats.

Today, the book still on my mind, I decided to stop ignoring my blog and "quickly" reflect on the thoughts that have emerged since our final meeting. And the fact that I need to be on the other side of town at my nephew's TENTH birthday celebration in a very short time. The latter of which which bears mentioning because a) TEN!!!!! and b) I'm always heading off to another place, meeting, task, project, activity, obligation. Most of which are not nearly as significant as this one. And because of that "doing the thing while generally being poised to move on to the next thing" rhythm that floods my days, I'm not creating enough, my being-in-the-moment-time is often interrupted by thoughts of what else I "should" be doing, and... this process just isn't working for me. So I commenced to indulge in a bit of beating-up-on-Melody time. Yeah. Lessons can take some time in these parts.

Looking up to ponder a sentence, my eyes fell on the items on the table in front of me, as I pondered this ping-pong/roller-coaster schedule of mine. When the objects came into clear focus, I had to put on the brakes rather suddenly. I'm pet-sitting for a family who lives on the most glorious little lake (once a steady aspect of my daily rhythms but rare nowadays,) and so there's a little pile of "goodies" that had to come with me when I packed for the stay. The collection encouraged me and spurred me on in my thinking. I had to share it here, as well:

  • Big Magic. As per the inspiration for this, my first blog post in several months. Also? I Read A Book!!! (Yes. That accomplishment gets lauded today. I've strayed that far from the regular enjoyment of the lifelong pleasure of book reading.)
  • A pack of pens for drawing Zentangle tiles and Zentangle Inspired Art. And the paper, tiles, collection of favorite patterns, and even an inspiring book to help me improve.
  • Some finished tiles and the two I haven't yet finished, too.
  • A yoga mat. Which I actually used today. Again!!!
  • A little bag of essential oil blends in roller ball bottles. That I Blended And Bottled Myself to help improve the quality of my life, particularly when it comes to: focus, allergies, general immunity boosting, moods, and maintaining youthful looking skin.

What I realized, upon looking at this little slice of my life, is that while I still grapple with time-management and also with being truly present for my activities, and while I still need some work when it comes to creating enough time to create the things I want to create, I'm also doing better than I sometimes give myself credit for. I mean. This book is all about creative living. My Life is all about creative living! Will I keep getting better at it? I sure hope so! But am I also doing pretty okay already? Turns out I actually am.

Big thanks to Liz Gilbert but also to the friends and family and Big LOVE that surrounds me, supporting my creative ways, encouraging each other to fulfill our creative goals. Here's to making opportunities to acknowledge the good we already have, even while we strive to create even more.