Being your own muse on the days you DON'T feel inspired: A list of tricks

Being Your Own Muse When You're Not in a Creative Mood: Tips for Tricking Yourself into Feeling Inspired

It’s easy to write a blog post about Muserie - about being your own muse - when you’re fired up about life in general. On a creative day, when your energy level is through the roof and mental sparks are firing off the charts, telling folks about how you want to help others tap into their own creativity through your idea of Muserie… well, yeah. Then everything feels like a no-brainer. Then there are the other days.

It only took me until just before noon to remember that this is the time I need to harness my own muserie and actively search for - and trick myself into regaining, if need be - my creative inspiration. Because even though today I’m scattered, overwhelmed, hormonal, and watching the clock to see if I can’t get on top of this day before it buries me… well, I still believe in my innate ability to turn some things around. If not fully make this day one of my stellar, prize-winning creative days, I still can get on top of the angst.

Tricks I'm Using Today, for Creating Inspiration:

  1. Just Stop! Literally stop fighting the icky sense that the day might drown me in overwhelm. And sit quietly for a reminder that I don’t have to fix everything this second. So I did. Just sat here and breathed in and out slowly with my eyes closed, and remembered that even if I run out of time today and don’t complete everything I wanted to do when I woke up, it’s okay. No. Really. It’s going to be fine. Because I get another day tomorrow. (Shhhh to the voices reminding me that there are still other things needing to happen tomorrow. Shhhhhh, I say!) It's just not as much of a travesty as we can convince ourselves it is!)
  2. Stretch. Yoga, baby. Because I haven’t yet fully embraced all that is amazing and wonderful about creating a full, nice-long yoga practice every morning, there’s a nagging hint of guilt telling me all about that, too. But I decided that even I – she who doesn't always make the healthiest choices for herself every single day – I am allowed to stretch, too! So I walked outside and did the shortest yoga routine ever.  In the sunshine, with the sounds of birds chirping and kitties playing and a fountain trickling. Vitamin D and fresh, clean oxygen, darlins. And then? Just before publishing this list, I did the whole thing again, only this time I stretched for an even longer time.
  3. Look Around for Sparks. There’s beauty everywhere. Sometimes much more than at other times. This week, I agreed to house and pet sit for a traveling friend. Before me, on the walls and shelves of this home, I regard one of the greatest personal collections of artistry known to man. Known to me, anyway. Not only is this home inhabited by voracious readers who travel a lot and bring home interesting artifacts from their adventures, my girlfriend happens to be an artist, herself. The titles and colors and textures available to me this week are not to be believed. In spite of the fact that I woke this morning in a challenging mood and have found it a struggle today to get my head in the game, so to speak, taking the time to appreciate the inspiring surroundings has helped with my perspective.
  4. Grab Some Oils. In my purse, I carry a zipper pouch filled with little roller bottles of custom essential oil blends I’ve created for the primary challenges in my life. A blend for helping with focus. One for boosting immunity. There’s one for pain relief, should one happen to experience pain. And still another for keeping allergies at bay**. Regardless of the fact that I carry this bag with me nearly all the time, for some reason, lately I’ve slipped and let myself just plain forget the definite benefits I receive when I remember to use my oil blends. Since I’ve started writing this paragraph alone, having applied (and inhaled – there’s a blend in a little tube like those Vicks inhalers we grew up with, too,) the allergy blend, my eyes have literally stopped itching and burning. Duh. How many times do we have to learn these lessons? Which I mention because it’s hard to be creatively inspired when our comfort level is askew. Shortly I'm going to apply the focus blend, too!
  5. Hydrate. This morning I indulged in 2 and a half cups of quite satisfying coffee made with ground espresso beans. Because yum. But what about the water? As a non-soda-drinker, I often enjoy the satisfaction of being “one of those water drinkers” who literally turns to water before a syrupy, fizzy drink. Only? Sometimes the truth is, I forget to drink enough water. Nursing a cup of coffee throughout the morning is NOT a way to get your day’s hydration. And so I put the coffee away and moved the water glass closer, noticing it hasn’t been touched nearly as much as that mug was.
  6. Write it Out. One of the nagging voices this morning was reminding me that I haven’t kept my promise to get this blog going again. Enter, a two-for-one journal exercise. I could write about turning my day’s challenge around and get a blog post out of it, too. Hopefully even inspiring someone else with my obvious reminders of how easy it can be to get myself back on track when I’ve been spinning my wheels. Writing helps me center. And resuming a long-stagnant blogging practice helps me in other ways we might get into another time. Today, I decided to cover two bases at once.

And that is what I did today to get myself out of the decidedly non-inspired rut of angst that filled my morning. I feel much better now. Of course everything isn’t “fixed” and completely perfect. Because if life were always perfect, our days would feel ordinary and bland. Contrast = yay! But these tricks did help. As they always do when I need to pull myself up from a funk. Maybe they’ll help you too, should you find them and need them.  I hope so!

What tricks do YOU employ when you need to create inspiration on a lackluster day? Care to share below?

**On allergies, should one want even more on this subject: I live with cats, as does my friend. About 10 years ago, I developed shocking allergies to most beloved felines. Whaaaa? Although I don’t need allergy pills at home, most days, I know better than not to bring them with me when I go elsewhere. Only this time I forgot to pack any and the past 15 hours or so have brought some serious challenges in the way of eye rubbing and the general irritation that comes with kicking myself for not having remembered to pack the convenient bottle.