Because this is definitely not a niche blog

It's that kind of week. Again. You know the kind: the one that brings lists of and buckets filled with things you need to do and another list of things you want to do... Hint: items on the two lists rarely overlap.

And most everything else just doesn't make it to a list at all, but rather swirls around in my brain, bumping up against each other.

  • The last thing I've felt like doing is blogging. I love my blog - still - just don't feel the urge to write in it lately.
  • Everywhere I go, people are eating yummy treats and I am working my butt off to drop some poundage. Because I like to complicate things as often as possible.
  • My neuroses all woke up on the same day and decided to rear their heads.
  • I have much more gift buying remaining than you do.
  • And I haven't wrapped a single gift.
  • Or even figured out when I'm leaving town to go to my parents' house.
  • My friends and family are wonderful and amazing.
  • Some of my projects are enthralling to me and I'd like to spend every waking moment on them.
  • But the most pressing one right now is just... well, utilitarian and necessary. Perhaps there's a bit more redundancy in the tasks I've signed up for there. Which is why procrastination rears its ugly head so frequently.
  • There's a phone call I should have returned days ago and I have enormous guilt over the fact that I may not even return it again today, either.
  • I love the entire holiday season from November to January and, at the same time, am close to being ready to just have done with the whole business and let it be January 2.
  • Travel (beyond the 200 miles I'll drive later this week,) is the furthest thing from my agenda, but I would love to get on a plane and go somewhere I've only ever read about in a book.

It could go on endlessly but at some point this has to stop. It just seemed a good time to say something in here for a change.

I hope you're well and happy and warm and... well, more organized this week than I am. Cheers!