Because my other About Me page had started to bore me

Photo of weathervane with horseIn spite of the fact that I use it to drive my career, too, this is really a personal website. Most of the time it amuses me and gives me untold pleasure. Some of the time it exhausts me, too, and I want to turn the entire thing off. It's not out of the question that this could actually happen one day. At which time I will move to a small ranch somewhere in Europe where there will be some horses and a steady stream of vacationing guests. For whom I will cook fabulous meals and with whom I will sit up late at night listening to their enthralling stories and drinking red wine and dancing barefoot on the tiled veranda floor while the moon shines through a wall of windows. And where, when not entertaining our guests, I will write my novels in a sunny upstairs haven. If you ever show up at this site and can't find me, come hunt me down. I think you'll enjoy my party.

Photo of Melody WatsonUntil then I'm having so much fun helping you to design your own Squarespace-based websites I still haven't finished designing my own new business one. I bought the domain in January and have worked on it a little ever since. Most specifically in July and August. August is key here because that's when I trashed the whole design idea I'd been working on and started down a new road. A new very happy, exciting road. Turns out it's the biggest project I've attempted, ever, both design and content-wise, and I want to get it right. So far it's not. I'll let you know when that changes. Sometimes I'm a bit of a perfectionist. Which is tiresome, especially when we all know it's never going to be perfect...

Photo of a highway on a gorgeous day with poofy clouds in a blue sky.So for now, you get this site. Melody Watson dot com is where I blog about whatever captures my attention. There are repeated features such as photography, live music, my nephew, travel, being a nomad, my quirky family, the platform I use for designing websites, ADD... I was asked to write about the ADD because it helps others understand what that particular way of experiencing the world is like. Then somebody said I should probably play that aspect down because it could hurt my business. I took that advice until one day I realized that a) it never did hurt my business in any way that made it onto my radar, b) you're going to find out anyway, and then what? Best you know now, c) many if not most creative types designing websites have ADD so I'm not unique in this arena. What we're looking for here is a good match. If my working style is not your speed, then we shouldn't be working together anyway. Really I'm just saving everybody a lot of time in the end.

All I ever wanted in life is:  A few things matter to me a great deal:

  • to find the perfect music mix that plays continuously, only repeats songs I'm not yet sick of, introduces me to kickass new artists, reminds me of old faves, and doesn't bore me. In short I don't want to have to stop my work to find another channel or playlist. I want an app that culls my brain and creates this list through no effort on my part. Any ideas?
  • to help one person at a time realize that no matter how afraid you might be of computers, your website, or technology in general, nobody was born knowing this stuff. Not even the neighborhood kid who designed his first website at age 7. And I most certainly was not. Technology is not going away and it doesn't matter that somebody else can do this stuff in their sleep. You're not stupid and you're not lame because you don't know how to do the things you need to do to manage a website. We all had to start somewhere. It would be my pleasure to help some of you discover that while this can be scary, it can also be fun. A lot of fun. We can accomplish a lot more than we sometimes give ourselves credit for.
  • to connect with someone who really gets me and likes what he finds. Saying "I've never met anyone like you before" is not enough. They all say that at the beginning. However, if, many months in, he still listens to one of my endless kooky rants and at the end says, "Please don't ever change" instead of "Um, I gotta' go now," it begins to sink in that maybe we're onto something here.
  • to continue to harness the brilliance of the Squarespace platform and learn to really use it to its fullest in spite of the fact that I've really only begun to scratch the surface. Since we really are just learning here, y'know? And to help others discover what a remarkable tool this is.
  • to discover new and interesting things every day that I can try, learn, do, see, feel, photograph, describe, love, share...
  • to laugh. And then laugh some more.

Here's the former version of my "About Me" page. Way before that, there was Melody 101... a list of one hundred and one things about me. Some of which are still true.