Back on a horse again...finally

Last time I went horseback riding, I declared that I wanted to do it again much sooner than I had that time. While I certainly didn't wait 19 years before riding again, it didn't occur to me then that I would wait quite so long. It's been just under 2 years.

What an amazing day yesterday was. The weather couldn't have been more beautiful. The company was magnificent. As before, I want to ride again... before 2 years pass.

It must be admitted: I let my ego have too much rein before we went. I remembered how well things went last time, and didn't consider the possibility that when a horse got spooked - with me on top of it - that I, too, would get a little spooked. Nonetheless, that's what happened. Although things worked out just fine in the end. But it's good to be reminded sometimes, that some things don't come easily...that we have to practice and work at something, rather than assume that "I can do that!" just because once or twice we did a decent job, isn't it?

So yea, here's me on a horse. Have had a great week seeing friends and meeting new and interesting people - and horses - and have sorely neglecting my blogging. Thought I'd pop in for a hello and tell you I'm great and show you a bit of evidence...