At which time the Airborne came out my nose

Regulars have realized by now that when Melody gets sick, the blog always, always suffers. 'Cause you don't want to read the stuff I'd be writing if I were blogging sick. You're just gonna' have to trust me on this one.

Now, though, I'm trying to get caught up on work. Clicked on over to Twitter to set up a new account for some clients. Peeked at a few of the tweets of people I follow there. Felt the atypical sensation of "You've been out of this loop just a little too long, missy!" Read anyway, hoping to at least find an In, catch the Twitter groove, feel like a blogger again. Or at least a micro-blogger. Wasn't quite working.

Then I got to a post by Anil Dash. Clicked on his name to see what he's been tweeting. 'Cause he can generally be guaranteed to serve up something good. (Anil Dash was one of my favorite speakers - spectacular, really - at Converge South '08. You know: the conference I wanted to go to for ever and evah then went this year and immediately got the first taste of The Cold That Will Apparently Make Its Presence Known To Me A Few Days At A Time, Over And Over, Instead Of Knocking Me On My Ass For Two Weeks Like It Has Everybody Else I Know.  The conference I blogged about while there, then afterward promised to write more later... then promptly returned to my Post-BloggerCon Life and never again wrote about? Yea, that conference. Anyway, Anil Dash was a fantastic speaker and sometimes I check out his blog when there's time; I've been following him on Twitter ever since, too.

So here's the one that got me. I would not be exaggerating if I told you I laughed harder, when I read it, than I have this entire year. This Entire Century, even... For many, many reasons.

(For non twitter folks: writing @ before another twitter account holder's ID will ensure your "tweet" will be delivered directly to that person's account, so they'll be sure and see it, even if they don't catch it when it scrolls by at the original time of posting.)

My favorite tweet ever, to date, by Anil Dash: "@barackobama I will paypal you $20 if you intersperse the phrase "Allah willing" throughout your inaugural address, just to piss people off."

That was about the time I discovered what Airborne feels like coming out of your nose...