Aren't mobile phones great? (Pre photo shoot smiles)

On 3 different occasions, I worked for a local community college. The lists of tasks I have performed for that school is longer than the list of things I've done as a freelancer, and of course the most fun ones were along the creative lines (I wasn't JUST their webmaster, see...) when I got to design things and photograph things and write things and help plan events. So naturally when friend and former colleague called several weeks ago to see if I would be in town this weekend, I was intrigued. Her office is sponsoring a great fun event today and since I photographed many of their other events successfully in the past, she wondered if I would shoot today's festivities as well. Well yea!!!

Here's the phone call I just got:

Her: Are you awake?
Me: Yea, what's up?
Her: You need to call *Heather and tell her to bring curly ribbon and scissors.
Me: (Only mildly perplexed why she hadn't called Heather herself.) Um, okay, sure!
Her: (Answering the unasked question.) I sent her to get balloons and forgot to include these. I don't have Heather's number but I knew you did.
Me: Got it...

*Heather is another good friend (her mom and I went to college together, actually,) who is in the process of completely changing her career and went back to school to facilitate said change. If possible, Heather is even more involved in her student experience than I was during mine. Which is quite a feat. I practically lived for my student involvement.

When called, Heather only seemed nominally curious as to why it was me calling, too. Once you get into the groove of event planning, you tend to just learn to expect the unexpected.

I needed that phone call. Although I've been looking forward to the day, I was letting myself get "distracted" by my "real" job and looking at some intriguing web-related projects. No worries. I'll be thoroughly delighted to return to the websites. Today I'm gonna' have fun shooting photos of students and employees and other community members enjoying the spring day. They ordered up 71 degree temperatures, and things are going to be very fine indeed!