"Apparently what I'm hoping is that you will fix all my problems by the end of this conversation"

Because she's super-insightful and our outlooks are usually pretty aligned, I called my sister a little while ago so she could weigh in on something that was starting to make my head hurt a little. Something most people would never raise an eyebrow over. But neurosis runs deep over in these parts.

Sis is the one I usually call under such circumstances because she's able to give me quite immediate sisterly advice that tends to be dead-on. Thereby rendering it unnecessary for me to make any more decisions today. (Which, by my estimations, is called "getting your money's worth.")

Sis is fighting off "the crud," and therefore her voice was a little less animated than it might have otherwise been. Which didn't deplete her sense of humor in the least. By the end of our Easily Less Than Five Minutes chat, she gave me a deadpan response that, while maybe not fixing all life's quandaries, definitely took the edge off...

Have I satisfactorily solved all your needs? Really really? As in, if you were to get a call in a little while after we've hung up, and a strange Survey Voice asked you, "Did Joy satisfy all your needs in your phone call earlier?" will your answer be yes? Because I certainly hope so.

Why yes! Yes... I do believe you have!