Anybody else store their cell phone HERE?

Note: Sort Of a guest post. "Sort of," because the writer, sister's friend Tyre, originally shared it in a note on Facebook, she read it to me, I thought it was funny so got permission to post it here. All that to say: I did not write this, and it's not in a public space online for me to link to. So here's your Monday Warm Fuzzy Funny:

So I am waiting with a fellow driver today at a warehouse in Brunswick, GA to get paperwork. The shipping clerk is a large, buxom, jovial, and very efficient woman named Annie. She is putting together my cohort's bill when a loud, but slightly muffled cell phone rings. By the second ring we realized it was Annie's and by the third ring it seemed to be coming from INSIDE Annie. At the fourth ring she reaches elbow deep inside her jacket, down the front of her tee shirt, into unfathomable depths and magical places and retrieves a cell phone. She checks the number and puts it down and resumes work without a trace of self-consciousness.

She hands the other driver his papers and he stands there. She asks if he has any questions, and there is a second of silence as I take the high road and silently beg him to rise above stereotype and let it go, but he breaks into a smile and says, "I just wanted to see you put your phone up," and turns to me and laughs.

I close my eyes so nobody can see them roll and die a little inside, but I can't say I wasn't at least wondering if there actually WAS some sort of decolletage/bra cell phone holding device and trying to imagine the engineering on that and wondering if anyone had considered the distraction that storage and retrieval with said device might cause.

But Annie did not bat an eye as she smiled and said, "You have to pay extra for that." We both reached for our wallets --- clearly, by this time I had detoured from the high road --- and she laughed a big throaty laugh, an often-used laugh, a laugh that says I can find something funny at any moment of any day in any place, and said, "I'm in the wrong business!"

She is not. She is good at her job and spreads humor at a time when we all so badly need it. Thanks, Annie!