"Anticipation" with a side of grateful & a sprinkle of smiles on top

A little while ago, during the simple act of walking across the room, I was completely overcome with a sensation that all the good in my life is about to multiply and things are going to get that much better. Hokey, huh? I eat this stuff up.


It's well-covered territory that conflict is much more interesting than peace. Stress sells better than relaxation. And the promise of some "good gossip" will bring people to the edge of their seats way, way faster than the assertion that all is well.

Still? The more I offer gratitude, give thanks, and anticipate that life is, in fact, getting better... well, it just does! After spending a truly delightful day working with a client who is also a friend yesterday - after several straight days of things already going the way I wanted - today has just unfolded so deliciously. In a simple, conflict-free way. The ideas are piling on top of each other, I'm checking things off my list, and it just seems easier to notice what's good.

My life is far from perfect. I manage many of my tasks and obligations with much less efficiency and sophistication than you do. And I kinda' think that's okay! Letting ourselves be human, making room to fall on our faces, and being gentle with ourselves when we have to start over again - these things matter.

So I'm sharing my word with you and wishing you more good stuff, too. "Anticipation" is a nice one, no? Even if everything to come isn't perfect - and we all know it won't be - show me the harm in anticipating more good outcomes as you work toward your goals...