Another edition of "How did they find my website?"

Manage a website long enough, and you run the risk of turning into a stats geek. Especially if you use Squarespace too, since My Host Of Choice makes it so easy to learn how our visitors found our sites. One of the built-in statistical offerings is the Search Engine Queries Summary. This is a little goody that lets me know exactly what search engine brought my visitors in the first place, and also what they typed that led them here.

Here are some of the top key word queries from this past month's stats. I've linked to the search engine query results page that led them here. Not including my name, of course:

The list continues with many variations on the above phrases, and then some. Not at the top of the list, but here are a few others that gave me a little walk down memory lane:
In addition to sometimes providing a bit of entertainment, these statistics are also really useful as a tool for helping to generate more traffic. We sometimes think we know what people will search to find us. Squarespace makes it easy to actually know. And with no added software necessary, you'll get no complaints from me!