An excellent list of ideas for enhancing creativity

Do you think of yourself as a creative person? Although I'm generally described as such, this wasn't always the case. And I have friends who also declare themselves not creative. There is a school of thought - widely touted by creatives - that says we're all creative to a degree. The inclinations and actions of our former childhood selves are used to support the assertion. Remember how free and uninhibited you were as a child? Where did that instinctive freedom go? Do you ever miss it?

The Digital Photography School blog featured a recent list of 6 Ways to Enhance Your Creativity and it's well worth sharing. Written by professional photographer Jim Goldstein, the list resonated with me because no matter how innately creative I may be, I've learned that to truly embrace my nature, lots of tips and tricks and enhancements have to be continually employed. Otherwise I'll just fall too far over that line into the practical realm of All That Stuff That Just Has To Be Done. (Or, even worse, that other realm that sucks us into something spontaneous and easy, but where little creativity actually exists. Of course here I'm talking to myself about more television watching than perhaps is absolutely good for me. But that's just me. I digress...) Go too far into either of those worlds and no time remains for tapping the creative well.

In number five of the list, "Have No Fear" I was especially struck by the reminder of how easy it is to get caught up in the opinions and preferences of others. We're often advised to follow the norm. But what is that, anyway? And why is "normal" better? Goldstein declares:

Creativity is the antithesis of a “norm”. Creativity brings a new way to present and see things. Never let norms and the attachment others have to them sway you from your creative exploration of the world before you with your camera.

Good reminder, no? Whether you use a camera or a brush or a pen or a saw...

There's more! Go read the whole list!