About Those Creative Women

A couple of months ago, right about the time I declared, "I'm going to be limiting my show participation this year," 3 different groups invited me - all within about a week of each other - to join them in their seasonal event planning. So much for limitations.

The one I want to tell you about here is up next. This show will be held on November 8 from 10 until 4, in the home of She Who Invited Me To Participate.

This "Fabulous Day of Shopping and Social Delights" will be brought to you by Those Creative Women and I'm honored to be included among them.

The day the show was first floated to me, I heard "And the Nester is going to be there!!!" To which I replied, "The what?"  "The Nester" is her blog name (you regulars get it since you've been reading about one "Mr. Pie" for his whole life, until he was outed in a mommy blog.) There will be no outing of names here on this blog, but I have it on good authority that when you come meet her she'll happily tell you her "real" name. I've since enjoyed reading her blog "Nesting Place," where you can get some magnificent decorating ideas presented in a writing style that will make you laugh out loud, then talk back to your computer it's at times so conversational. The Nester will be offering her exquisite tassels and garlands to add flair to your home.

Lauren Farrington is another creative woman I haven't met yet, but now that I've discovered on her blog that our event falls on Parker Posey's birthday, how can I not enjoy every minute I'm in her presence? Lauren is an interior designer who, along with her honey man Justin, and fellow interior designer, Blair Davis, will be wrapping your gifts on the 8th.

Kate Reece is the recent graphic design graduate who designed the incredible web page for our hoo ha and I can't wait to see what creative things she has in store for us.

If you'd seen me chasing her around with my camera this weekend, it would have been very clear that I actually do know this next Creative Woman. Cindy Cage designs some of the coolest things I've ever seen done with glass. She'll have her stained glass clocks and other decor items for sale and if anyone on your gift list is lucky enough to receive one of these one-of-a-kind pieces, they'll be thanking you for... always!

And finally, Cindy's daughter, Kendra Adachi, is our hostess. Kendra's My First Kitchen cooking classes are all the rage these days. I mean, sometimes I seem to barely know anybody who hasn't taken one; I'm probably as excited to taste the delectable treats she's planning for us, as any other part of that day. (Did you notice how I avoided writing "cooking up for us" even thought it kept slamming up against my brain as I wrote?)

Now I know some of my readers are going to be seriously bummed that you don't live in Greensboro since this event is going to be way cool and you're starting to get a little jealous of those of us who do live here. But think again! Some of you actually will be in town! You just haven't put it together yet. Guilford College's Homecoming is that weekend, for one thing, and some of you will already be here for that. Who says you can't sneak away from the reconnecting festivities of our alma mater to come over to Kendra's? Ta da!

What's that? You didn't graduate from Guilford College? But you have been meaning to finally make it to Greensboro's Holiday Market that weekend, haven't you? Well, go like you've planned, and find the cool stuff you've been meaning to pick up, and once you've had enough of crowds and shoving and noise, come on over to our event and relax with us! See how we've thought of everything for you?! We're clever that way.

Okay, enough with the commentary. Visit our event's web page here at thosecreativewomen.com and make sure November 8 is on your calendar 'cause you really do want to be there. Seriously.

PS: I was about to post this when I realize I hadn't mention my own contributions to our event. Thought I'd better make amends. I'll have my jewelry available for you to take home as much as you like! Including, hopefully, the new earring designs I'm about to try out. The ones like the pair worn last week by the music therapist visiting my dad in the hospital when I asked her if I could take her picture so I could later try and recreate (or somewhat mimic - whatever happens in the end,) the design for myself, 'cause they were so awesome. She indulged. Now. I've said it publicly so I have to try 'em! More on that later.

Happy Monday, Ya'll!