Abandoned trestles with nesting geese and spider webs and other obsessions

I think I've decided to leave here tomorrow. Not forever. The plan is that I'll come back in just under a month. But for now, there are way too many things I need to be doing that can't be done from my hideaway up here in these hills. I almost packed it in and left this evening then realized I was either too lazy or just frankly wasn't in the mood for a road trip tonight. Never mind. Tomorrow will be here soon enough.

Figured I'd show you a few more photos I've taken lately. And ramble on a little. 'Cause that's what I do. Having referred to some of the blog pieces I've written these last couple of weeks as self-indulgent, I'm afraid I can't promise this one won't be the same. Heh. You can do that when you get your own blog.

So let's see. On the phone today my sister called me insane. Vehemently and with great gusto my darling female sibling declared these words to me. I suppose I had it coming, what with the ADD Brain Spill I'd just heaped upon her head. Further fueled by my lack of interaction with the sometimes large groups of people with whom I often surround myself, I must have overdone it a bit once I got her on the phone. Had been going on about all manner of things, including how she should come up here for a visit next time I'm here. To which she confidently asserted, "Yea, I'm not feeling all Henry David Thoreau like you are. And I'm not much in the mood to rough it these days, either." I guess it' not for everybody.

This is only one of the indications that I'm just about due for some City Time. Or at least Big Town Time, my inability to converse in natural rhythms when I talk to the people I've left at home. Another indication is that I've started to become obsessed by clouds and spider webs. And crawdad holes in the yard. Every time I look up from my work or my studying, I notice the clouds outside the window and feel the urge to grab a camera and run outside. More often than not, I do, too.

And then the other day I almost ran straight through a spider web in a tree in the back yard, caught myself just in time, and realized that The Successful Photographing Of A Spider Web In Its Natural Habitat is one of the more underrated skills a person might possess. I am not one such person, as it turns out, but this doesn't keep me from continuing to try. And try. And try...

See what I mean? Tricky little booger.

But there are other little obsessions, too. Like wondering just how the goose that's made her nest on the support of the trestle up there in that second photo is going to manage her babies when they're born. I mean, yea, it's nature. And she knows what she's doing and probably in Goose Land, she's the envy of all, this lofty location she's found for herself. But still. It just seems a little precarious, is all I'm saying.

Never mind that, I'm also concerned about the bees. A whole gaggle (not a swarm, that's more,) of wasps was dive-bombing my car a couple of days ago and I do not tell a lie when I admit that I can still conjure up the memory of all the stings I had as a small child running around this property barefoot against the better judgement of the adults around me. At least a few regular readers will recall my last experience with Things That Sting and how I did not take that experience lightly. So I'm trying to work out the logistics of having someone mow the already-too-high lawn up here as soon as possible (just when the sun comes out and we get a nice heat to start warming and drying the grass, the clouds reemerge and another downpour descends upon us.) And while I know this is better than a drought, I'm just sayin' - even if I had brought my lawnmower with me, I'm not sure I would have been able to manage. At any rate, the higher this grass grows, the more Things That Sting are likely to be getting all settled in this grass. And that's not good for anybody.

Now here's a question for you. Did you know that the mushroom-like, barnacle-looking growths on some trees have their own growths? I mean, I did not. But In The Spirit Of Adventure And Ongoing Opportunities To Practice My Photography Skills, I have grown quite fascinated by these little things growing on the maybe-beech tree in the back yard. I never knew about the little hairy things, but sure enough, there they are! I have proof, see. And I'm curious. Is that hairy stuff a part of the mushroom-thingie's growth, or does it have its own hairy parasite? I can't stop looking and yet check it out: I'm so not interested enough to go online and do the research that would actually answer my question. (But here's an invitation for you: if you know? Go ahead an post the answer here in the comments section, then we'll all know!)

Hm. What other obsessions? Well, I let the one about the lack of curtain over the kitchen window go. I no longer slink by it at night when I have to pass by with the lights on. Figured anybody creeping around in those woods up there is a bigger fool than anybody I know, and if there were anybody out there in the dark, dark night, they'd break their ankle in one of these crawdad holes I'd forgotten all about for years and years, but have now become more than reacquainted with.

Oh. And guess what I found today? A Lowe's home improvement warehouse. Going in there to buy the tool that will help me turn off the water supply to this house tomorrow when I leave, without getting all down in the mud - the tool that's shaped like a really tall "T" with an upside down "U" at the bottom for gripping the thing you have to turn - that was the most people I've seen in one location in what feels like a very, very long time. I had no idea there was a Lowe's around here. I do love a good selection of tools...

Okay, what'd I tell ya? Nothing coherent here. Just a rush of sensations and images flooding my mind tonight as I wrap up my last day in WV for a while. And lucky you: you showed up and got to read all about it! One more thing. I saw a bunny outside my window this morning. She refused to pose for the camera, but I'll show you what I did get, even though...