A Tuesday List of Happy Things

Today I declare Tuesday to be The Day Of Happy Things. Doesn't matter what those things are. Just think about little things that make you happy in the moment they make you happy. Like buying yourself a little pot of Purple Calla Lilies at The Fresh Market just because. Just because: a) you saw them and they made you smile, b) the last time you were given flowers, it was by someone who isn't buying you flowers anymore, c) you threw those long-dried ones away two days ago, d) which made you realize there's been rather a void in the presence of flowers around here lately, and e) why on earth shouldn't you buy yourself Purple Calla Lilies on a Monday afternoon if you want to??? Because you should! And then? Every time you walk by them in your living room sitting on that sweet little table your parents gave you for Christmas 10 years ago - or longer - they make you smile. And sometimes even laugh a little out loud!

If it weren't packed away in storage, I would totally have taken a photo of my copy of the book 14,000 Things to Be Happy About, because it is a very fine book indeed. I used to buy copies of it as gifts, highlight random items I enjoyed and thought the recipient would also enjoy, and wrap up the "damaged" version as my gift. I may start doing that again, now that I've remembered it!

But check this out! When I started thinking about this book, I got curious, and peeked around the 'net for a minute. And found this little delectable site! Truth be told, I haven't actually spent any time clicking through the links. Just looking at the home page made me smile and decide it had to go on my list too, so there you are.

Then? Last night when it occurred to me that I really was quite tired and maybe it would be a good idea to walk away from the computer for a while, I remembered books. Books! Do you remember books? I didn't actually think I had any laying around that I was in the mood to read, but it seems I was wrong. I found this copy of the girl who stopped swimming by Joshilyn Jackson, which was an Advance Reading Copy from my hookup, The Bookstore Queen, and seeing that on the shelf really made me happy! Because I read her book Between, Georgia, and thought it seriously wonderful, that's why! Plus the cover makes me happy, with its pretty colors and summery feel and fuzzy focus. So I grabbed it off the shelf and started reading.

Speaking of The Fresh Market - and we were, back when I was going on about My Happy New Purple Calla Lillies - I also snapped this shot when I bought those flowers. I didn't want to make a complete spectacle of myself, so I didn't use flash, and you can see how poorly the focus is, too. Never mind focus. Look at all this green yumminess. But clever me? I got so giddy about the fresh brussel sprouts (and I'm not even kidding, you don't know how much I love freshly steamed brussel sprouts!) I took photos of them...but forgot to actually buy some. Fortunately I got a lot of other stuff that also made me happy, so I'll make do until I can return for some happy green produce.

Beyond that, I really do have to say I'm happy because I have a whole world of people who love me. My family loves me and my friends love me, and I have rather a lot of those kinds of people in my life, and sometimes you just need to take a minute to acknowledge that. Which is what I've just done. Love ya'll! Thank you for loving me.

Now, go and have yourself a Tuesday Filled With Silly Little Happy Things for no reason!

I'd love it if you wanted to add to my list! Anybody?