A snippet of conversation on the re, re, re-entry into Blog Land

If you were a fly on this particular wall last night, what you would have overheard might have gone something like this:

Her: I have got to make time to start blogging again.
[Turning around to make very direct eye contact.] How serious are you about this?
Very. I'm very serious. It's very important to me!
I only ask because this has come up before. Multiple times.
I know. I just hate the way my website looks.
And this is keeping you from blogging?
Of course!
I see. And what would it take to make your site look good enough that you could blog again?
Well, if I go with the new look I've been working on for the Master Redesign Project...

And on it goes.

It seems a week cannot pass without someone engaging me in conversation about online promotion, blogging, regular writing practice, discipline in writing, roadblocks, and similar topics that are - to my mind - all interconnected. I feel very strongly that people who are interested in gaining traffic to their sites should have steady activity, in the form of regular content updates - call it a blog or call it Bubba, it doesn't really matter - and yet I nearly made no time at all for my blog this year. My excuse was that I wasn't looking for work. In fact, I was looking to have all the people who contact me stop asking me to discuss their project so I could just focus on the things I was committed to doing for a while. And so I stopped blogging too.

Turns out online traffic and increased business were not my only reason for blogging. Writing here has been my most regular method of writing practice for years, and when I stopped doing it, much of the time I missed it. When I consider all the blogging I've done for others and the related coaching I've engaged in this year, paying attention to the increased emergence of the topic has only served to increase my desire to write here.

It's true that the site design in my head and the site design you are looking at are worlds apart. And this bothers me more than you know. Neuroses be damned. Because we both know that this is just an excuse. Writers write. Bloggers blog. Same truth. Sometimes same people, though not always. I just happen to be both.

So. Shall we give it another go? Forget about the long, emphatic, explanatory post from a few months back and the fact that this is well covered territory and just dive in? I say we shall! Whether anybody reads or not. It's time to make the time for me that I make for others. Writing it in black and white may or may not be enough of an incentive to get me started again. But at least it's a start!

Next up: to try to sort through all the swirling activity in my head and see if I can't cull some stories you'll find as interesting as I do!

Cheers for now...

(PS: He's very good at making me think, with such simple, direct questions. Maybe I'll post some more of my gratitude blogs. Those are always easy to come up with!)