A new blog at melodywatson.com

Another big change: until now, my blog was called "Capturing my attention." As in: www.melodywatson.com/capturing-my-attention. But no more. Going forward my blog will simply be "blog." As in: www.melodywatson.com/blog. In some ways you won't notice: you'll still find my most recent writings on my home page. But in other ways, there could be some wonky transitioning. I'm pretty sure. Never mind - it's time.

Having a blog that's called "Capturing my attention" no longer appeals to me. A tricky thing happens when you combine your personal and professional projects all in a single site. My decision to move switch my blog to melodywatson.com/blog is related to trying to clean up some of what emerged from that trickiness. Even though I'll continue writing about whatever strikes my fancy on any given day, I'm just interested in streamlining. I want to make it much easier to find things on my site. Particularly the pages that relate to my website designs and artisan jewelry designs.

Hopefully I'll provide enough clues and pointers and obvious links that you'll be able to find everything you're looking for once you come here. Hint: all my original posts are archived by title and catagory. The new blog will be handled the same way.