A love story and life lesson all rolled up in one

Twitter exposes me to some amazing people and to a lot of interesting reads. Too much, really. If I took the time to sit and read everything I've bookmarked this week alone, it'd take a full day, I'm convinced. Nonetheless, some things just grab me in the moment, and I read them immediately.

JD Andrews tweets as "earthXplorer" and is super-inspiring, infinitely positive, and has mentioned many things I found intereting. Sometimes I can't keep up with everything he shares, but I try. Then tonight, this:

And I had to see if there was more to the story. There was. He shares his Grandpa's way of explaining that we can't please everyone, in his Posterous blog, over here.

It's good. You should read it.

"If we all liked the same thing, everyone would want your grandma" ~my Grandpa http://post.ly/4YdX