A little dilemma concerning bubbles and curly straws

As I begin writing this, it is 7:24am. There is a 3 year old en route to my home. Last night I agreed to hang out with him for a few hours this morning. Last night I forgot about a certain time change. I was awake when his mom called to say they were on their way. But not very much awake. The child demanded to talk to me on the phone. Here's a little snippet from our conversation:

Him: I'm comin' to you house.
Me: (From my cozy spot under the covers.) So you can get in my bed with me and we can go back to sleep?
Him: (As if it's the most ludicrous thing he's ever heard in his entire life,) NO!!!
Me: We can cuddle and roll around!
Him: And play?
Me: Yes. But first we can take a nap.
Him: No. Roll around.
Me: I'll give you gum when we wake up, if you take a nap with Mimi.
Him: And blow bubbles?
Me: Maybe...
Him: You got bubbles fo me???
Me: Maybe...

Little helpful back story: For the girls' birthday weekend, friend and hostess made these delightful little goodie bags complete with brightly colored curly straws, party things you blow into that shoot out (not the kind that whistle,) bubbles, and decorated cups to commemorate the weekend. There were two extra bags for friends whose plans changed at the last minute. Those two extras are still here with me. So I had this little moral dilemma over whether or not the 50ish year old women for whom those goodie bags were intended would be offended to learn that their goodie bags were, in fact, robbed to entertain a toddler, and that their bags now only included a plastic cup with MY name on it (plus a reminder of my age, lest anybody could possibly forget,) and a little candle in a votive cup.

Adorable Nephew just left. In his possession is a party blow thing, 5 curly plastic straws, and what remains of one bottle of bubbles we enjoyed in the back yard. Three guesses as to whether or not I got him to cuddle with me this morning.

Hint: he's happy, telling his mom all about our adventures. And I need a nap...