A fly on my wall?

An hour and a half ago I sat down here just to quickly check some email and blogs. And, y'know, do a couple of other things I need to do. In one hour I'm supposed to be in a place it will take me one half hour to drive. I still haven't showered.

The Interweb? It's just so interesting!!! Sucks me in every time. Meanwhile:

  • My morning's soundtrack is provided by The Cure. A little louder than necessary. Heh.
  • It smells like Crayons in here and I don't know why.
  • I think I'm actually going to finally bother listing some new pieces on my Etsy shop today.
  • I registered for Converge South 2008 last night and am very, very excited about it. (More on that later.)
  • Two new people are reportedly interested in having me design websites for them. Will very much enjoy getting to talk to them and find out if the rumors are true.
  • My coffee? Not bad, but a little substandard compared to what I want. Think I'll stop by Tobacco USA and pick up some Southern Lights blend, before returning here to work later. Which is some seriously tasty coffee.
Hope your day is starting equally fine!