A few hours make all the difference

Remember "I love it when a plan comes together" from The A Team? Quote of the day. Sure there are still 2 hours in which to accomplish 4 hours worth of work before I have to set up for tomorrow's event, but today has been seriously excellent. Because I have been moving my booty non-stop, that's why. (Didn't want to leave that downer post from this morning up here for the next couple of days, when things are going so well now!)

And because my business cards? The ones I lived without for months and then finally redesigned and had printed in about 24 hours, (Yes, you pay more when you wait to the last minute; learn your lessons from me, babies. Be ye not so shortsighted.) and which I stressed over because reds don't print the way they look on your monitor and most of the graphic work I do is for the web? Those business cards? Yea, they're gorgeous. Turned out so, so, so awesome. And that makes me a happy, happy girl.

And because I went to storage to get a honkin pile of stuff I need for tomorrow and finding some fun things I use for my display that I'd forgotten about also made me really happy.

And because the John Butler Trio is keeping me company and that's good too.

Happy Friday, ya'll!