A Bit of Indulgence: Take a peek!

Four out of six of the participants were my website clients, and so I already knew them a bit. But "working a show" with a group of people is quite different from collaborating with them to build their websites (or help them tweak a few things, in the case of Cindy Cage.) And so although the last couple of days were spent selling my jewelry to (mostly) people I didn't know, it was also kind of like co-hosting a seriously girly party. With some seriously fun people.

I was sad to discover that I have not a single photo of the dining room where we served the treats we each prepared for our guests. It was quite a spread and sadly you'll have to just take my word for it.

But I got some fun shots, too, and I've put together a little gallery today so those of you who didn't get a chance to stop by can see the fun we had. Maybe A Bit of Indulgence will be an annual event! If so, you'll have to come see us next year.

Thanks to Nancy McKee of Total Bliss for putting this together and for inviting me to participate.

Thanks to the Greensboro Woman's Club for letting us hold our event at the Weir-Jordan House. What a lovely venue.

Thanks to the rest of the group for all the laughs. You people are a hoot! (And Jessica, I'll probably call your mom sometime tomorrow if I'm rested up enough. Hope that's okay...)

Click here to see photos!

PS: To my friends and collaborators from September Soirée, I'm sorry I haven't yet gotten our event photos online. Hopefully setting up this new gallery will help spur me on to actually doing something similar for ours! Way fun. Very cool photos. More soon!