16 hours in Greensboro

Well that all turned out to be wishful thinking. The part about how I wouldn't have to drive to Greensboro, after all, that is. Not too many hours after Brandon The Loveliest Internet Installation Guy Of Ever hooked up my new service, I found Roger, whom I'll tell you about another time, who helped me to see that no, in fact, it's NOT my AC adapter that's failing me. It it, instead, the way worse problem: the place into which you plug the adapter. So I called Ron My Regular Computer Fixer Guy in Greensboro - also gonna' tell you more about him soon - and within a couple more hours was on the road to Greensboro. Because that's where my desktop computer is currently hanging out in storage, and that computer had no issues to speak of, last time I checked. Since it has fairly recently been in for an overhaul.

So I'm headed to storage shortly, will drop off some things I brought from WV that I no longer need, like closed-toe shoes and winter coats, for example, and pick up my "big computer." So I can get back to work.

And people wonder why I don't do the nomad thing for real and head to Europe or Asia or some such. Are you kidding me? Apparently I have security blanket issues I never realized I had. Where, I ask you, would I find Roger or Brandon or Ron if I were in Bangladesh and my laptop developed some related issue? I'd have to find a new career, wouldn't I?!

I'm trying not to be worried that my aging laptop could be showing signs of wanting replacement. No need to worry about that today since what good is worrying going to do me? Not a bit, in fact! So I'll wrap this up, go to storage, meet sis and friends for lunch, get back to WV and get back to work. I am working on such an interesting array of sites right now and I keep wanting to show them off, which one can't do if one keeps pausing from work to go on little day trips across state lines.

Happy Thursday to you!