1, 2, 3... Just like that you're in my drawing!

And here you thought it was just an ordinary Wednesday. Heh. I scoff at ordinary Wednesdays! This is the Wednesday I give something away. Yup! Come midnight, one lucky winner will get to choose between the 3 items pictured above, and ta da... it's yours! Three seriously different kinds of jewelry: my one-of-a-kind clay pendants on cord, a pair of poppy jasper beads hanging from a subtle curve of sterling for your ears, and a wayfunkycool Festival Bracelet! Read on to learn how one of these can be yours. But first, why...

We've been asked a lot of questions lately about what it is small businesses can do during this, er, tricky time of economic upheaval. Well, some small business owners have come up with a very simple idea. Just Ask People To Consider Supporting More Small Businesses. Simple, right? With a huge shopping season approaching, we might be scaling back, but chances are lots of us are still gonna' be giving more  gifts during the coming months than we did in July or August. So? Well, so what if you bought more of those gifts from actual people? With faces. And stories. And love for what they do!

Some of us love what we do so much that we've hooked up with each other and on November 8 we're having what our hostess refers to as our Big Fabulous Day of Shopping and Social Delights. What she's talking about is a day you do not want to miss. I mean, if you're in Arkansas maybe you will have to miss it. Or Peru. But otherwise, maybe Greensboro's already on your list of Places I'll Probably Be Visiting Sometime Soon Anyway. So stop in and hang with us for a while!

To help get the word out about our hoo ha - and about our small businesses we'd love you to support - some of us are having drawings. Today!

Here's how you enter my drawing:

  1. Tell at least one person about this post. (Forty if you're feeling generous.) Just email them the link to this page.
  2. Take a peek at the  photos above, and choose which item you like best. (For yourself or your favorite lady.)
  3. Leave a comment below, telling me the first name of one person you told about my drawing, and which item you like best. (And anything nice you'd like to say is welcome, too. It is, after all, Wednesday...a good day to say nice things to each other, no?)

Simple as that!

Then once you're in the drawing, take a spin over to my Etsy shop to see which other pieces of my jewelry are currently available online for sale!

Also, if you're interested in more free stuff, take a peek over at Kendra's site, My First Kitchen, where a fabulous piece of Cindy Cage's stained glass from Imagery Limited is the prize.

Meanwhile, the fabulousness who is The Nester is compiling a list of other small businesses you can support. I suspect some of the folks on this list are also hosting giveaways today. Check 'em out!

Check back here after midnight and find out who won! And remember to mark your calendar for November 8, 2008, 10-4! There are lots of things going on in Greensboro that Saturday. Add our stop to your festive rounds. We're betting you'll be super-glad you did!