Behind the Blog: Some notes on why, subscriptions, and wonky formatting.

Why Blog?

Blogging has often been my primary writing outlet. Like the other parts of this site, use it to share both personal interests and professional topics. Among the personal topics I most often write about are creativity, collaboration, live music, this one particular kid, intermittent travel, A.D.D., and observations about things that inspire me. I also have quite a lot to say about Squarespace. Here's one blog post from a couple of years ago that concerns the question of how blogging can be good for business. Rereading it now, I find my attitudes on the topic haven't changed much at all.

Blog Post Look Funny?

First, a word about the look of some of my older blog posts. In January, 2014, I released a massively-overhauled version of this website. Having upgraded the site from Squarespace Version 5 to V6, and chosen a completely different layout and look for my new site, when all those years of blog posts were imported to the new platform, the layout, particularly of those pieces that featured images, was sometimes all wonky. Particularly since the old photos were often quite small and I'm now presenting images in quite a different manner than before. I decided not to let this hold up my long-time-coming launch. I've reformatted quite a lot of posts, but if you happen to follow a link to a page that looks just plain wrong, especially for someone who's so visually oriented, this would be my advanced apology. There are many hundreds of unique posts from over the years, and it doesn't make sense to spend time reformatting all of them. Particularly since some are pages that may never see the light of day.

A Word About Subscriptions

Want to subscribe to my blog?  I'm streamlining the way you can do that. Yo may either click the RSS link and subscribe using your reader, or visit my contact page and sign up for the subscription(s) that suits you!

OR you can read the titles of recent posts on both my blogs. Just scroll down.

And finally, just for fun and also because a few people might find it handy, there's a cloud from my most frequently used categories. Enjoy; and thanks for visiting!

"Capturing My Attention"

For a long time, my blog was called "Capturing My Attention" and one day I decided that was too clunky. Those posts had the date in the addresses, plus that extra-long title. So I changed it. Aside from that, I'm not sure there's all that much difference between the entries there and the standard Blog that followed. Still, it seemed worth mentioning. You may show up on some random blog post or other and see reference to The Attention Business, or you may not. Irrelevant. I hope whatever you choose to read, that you find something you find meaningful. Or at least kinda' funny. It's worth noting that I have definitely not taken the time to go back and tidy up the format of those old posts. Consider yourself warned.