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February 10, 2017 - A Wee Back Story

Funniest thing happened. Today while searching Google for the phrase "melody watson banana leaves" (more on why I did that in a minute,) I arrived at this page. Whaaa? See, the thing is, I'd completely forgotten I ever made the page. In fact, I'd spent no time on it at all, but merely set it up so I could show someone some of the "new" (at the time) shots I'd captured in my front yard with my camera. Since the love of my life has been nurturing his wee grove of banana treesfor several years, by the time I'd showed up on the scene, their presence here was in full swing and I was - quite by accident - given the opportunity to capture truly interesting images any old time I like. For a nice long while, "any old time" equaled every day, sometimes several times a day.

Since, now that I've found this page, I think it might be fun to do something with it, I'm adding this blurb. In truth, I initially created it, showed it to whomever I wanted to show it to, then promptly forgot about it. But I didn't disable it or hide it or in any other way make it impossible to find. I just didn't do the usual-and-customary things one might do if she wants to get found for doing a thing. SO. Now I'm going to tell you the wee story about why I was looking to see if any of the photos I've shot of these banana trees and, perhaps more specifically, these banana leaves, are showing up in Google Images.

Although in early December 2016 I posted a blog post telling the story about the massive amount of time and effort I'd been putting into my efforts with the Print on Demand industry, I haven't yet (as of today, which you may have read above was February 10,) posted any updates about what happened subsequently related to those efforts. THIS day, rather than writing about it in my blog, as I'll be doing soon enough - though not yet! - I'll write a bit as a teaser.

On December 27, I decided to expand my print-on-demand efforts and start designing products through the gargantuan site Zazzle. I'd put my designs on some of their products to purchase for my gift-giving needs, but what with the hundreds of options they offer, had been too overwhelmed to consider a store there. That was then. By a couple days after Christmas, I was ready to give it a go, and I started designing things. As of this writing, I have quite a lot of products there. And though I haven't yet started promoting my merchandise there, my hours of hard work and study and trial-and-error have started to pay off and I've finally begun to sell some things. It's only a few, of course, (6 items as of this writing,) but I've discovered that some people don't have their first sales for months. That would have been outrageously unsettling for me, and I'm happy to remind myself that I'm doing well, all things considered, given the millions of products that site alone has to offer. Designing pretty things just isn't enough. You have to focus on so many other aspects of online marketing in order to "get your things seen" and so my work with other Squarespace customers over the years, helping people learn how to not only use that platform to tell their stories, but coaching them on how to ensure their sites will actually be found organically... well, it's starting to pay off in tiny little bits at a time. I told one of my friends who is also a long-time client, "Now it's time to put my money where my mouth is." Because I give these spontaneous, mini lectures to my clients regarding the things they need to do - regularly - to ensure their sites are more likely to be found in search engine results (SEO or Search Engine Optimization, anyone?) At any rate... I just rambled on and on and never did get to the point.

The point is? I have now sold 2 sheets of custom designed US Postal Stamps with one of my photos on them. And? Those stamps happened to have one of the photos seen in the gallery on this page! Who knew, back when I grew so obsessed over capturing every little angle of those leaves in my front yard, that I would one day not only design postage stamps using some of my photos, but that they would sell within 6 weeks of my opening my little shop?! Thrilling, that's what it is!

Turns out this is a blog post, NOT a standard web page fodder. So I'll move this elsewhere one day and rework the look of this page. But for now my story is here to be found, should I elect to use it as a marketing tool. Lots of those kinds of efforts will be showing their heads around here in the coming weeks. Ask me how excited I am?! :)