Melody Watson at outdoor live music gig. Photo by Tatia Fletcher.

Melody Watson at outdoor live music gig. Photo by Tatia Fletcher.

Hi there; I'm Melody! Welcome to the online space that lets me be creative and explore things as they come to mind, test theories and wipe the slate clean and start over, as often as I like. My site serves both business purposes and my own creative and artistic expression. That makes it challenging for some and thrilling for others. Periodically, I discover new ways to improve on sharing content so that you can more easily engage with the material I share. Periodically I also discover I've been doing it all wrong. Advance apologies AND thanks. I really am glad you're here, and hope you'll enjoy taking a look around.

When Work & Life Intersect

Because my work is often wrapped up in my passions - creativity, encouraging others to embrace their creativity, exploring new techniques and technologies, to touch on a few - my content simply isn't easily separated into work and non-work sections... my non-work pursuits and interests inform my work and they've become deeply intertwined. I'm really really good with that. I mean, consider the number of hours we spend doing the things that pay our bills. Should we not enjoy them if we can possibly find ways to do so?  I've been very fortunate to have found a number of income-generating tasks that give me a great deal of pleasure.

Passion. Enthusiasm. Laughter. Creativity. Quality Relationships. Stories. Gratitude. Kindness. Music... 

Not in any order whatsoever. These are among the most important elements of my life, and these are the things about which I often write in my blog. (I also write about my nephew sometimes, because if you had my nephew, you'd write about him too. Yes. He's that awesome. You're just gonna' have to trust me on that one.)

A Philosophical Declaration

Life is a gift and I despise even the hint that there would be such a thing as boredom. Seriously? With all there is to explore, learn, taste, see, do, discuss... where could any single human being come up with the time to be bored?

Here are a few more of the things you'll find tucked away on this site:

  • On December 6, 2016, I posted a blog post I want to make sure you see. It relates to this huge creative undertaking I've immersed myself in for months, when I had a single free minute to spare. It's the post in which I announce that I'm designing artwork to be printed on leggings. And scores of other things which are meant to encourage you to live a slightly more inspired life.
  • This project has grown and expanded in ways I haven't taken the time to share on this site but something (huge, of course) is in the works and you'll be seeing more on that topic soon.
  • That, of course, relates to a concept I started talking and writing about even earlier in the year. So check out Muserie, while you're looking around!
  • I tend to bring a certain element of geekery into most of my collaborations. Even when I'm not designing a website, others come to me for encouragement that they can tell their stories to an online audience. Because it's known that I encourage online storytelling. The Internet has opened up unfathomable realms to "ordinary" people; what we do with that is up to us.There's a whole page dedicated to this topic. That's over here: I'm Half a Geek ›
  • One of my favorite creative projects was/has been The Collabative. This was a several-years-long project that let us produce live music events (some of which also had physical art being made while the musicians played - one night, two artists who had only just met, painted an abstract triptych, at another event, we hosted a live body-painting show. I should tell you about these events in my blog sometime. That period was so busy and I poured most of my blogging energy into promoting the shows on that site, rather than here. Pity. (If I go back and remedy this one day, I'll change this sentence and provide links to let you read more!) The Collabative is not a typo, though it IS a made up word. For the most part, we've wrapped things up. No more shows are planned, although we continue to intermittently shoot videos with a group of musicians you do not want to miss. That collaborative project is called Talk of Teronus.  Whether as a part of this promotional, production team or otherwise, creative collaboration is where it's at for me. I don't expect that to change anytime soon.
  • Having this portable career was really handy since I lived as a bit of a nomad for about 10 years. Quasi-nomad, I guess you'd say. "Wayfarin' Vagabond" according to one of my southern women friends. But I've been putting down roots - literally and figuratively - with this man I met, quite by accident... and I kinda' like it. I more than like it. Who knew? Still, should you be interested in that other phase, which helped define my life for so long and about which I wrote right much, you can read a bit about the meandering years over here.
  • Once upon a time I started a site called "A.D.D. Wants Me for its Queen". Because it does. But then I decided to take ownership of what that meant. I went into therapy, specifically to work on capitalizing on this way of experiencing the world. Sometimes I still have challenges, inasmuch as I'm still alive. But all-in-all, it's going pretty well. That gets mentioned around here, from time-to-time. Falling for an exceedingly patient man didn't hurt, either.
  • Once upon a time, even before that, I had a thriving "blogging practice" and recently I've begun thinking I'd like to have this again. *(This isn't the only time I've written that, but I'm saying it again, out loud, in bold letters. Wonder if bold will help?) There's no way to predict that sliver of the future, though I'd love to tell you my blog is on its way back. There, you can just explore as you like, and find your own favorite bits of content.

Thanks for visiting! - Melody