About My Squarespace-Based Website Design Collaborations

I make room for creative, stimulating projects of many kinds. Among my favorites are creative collaborations with people needing websites they can maintain themselves. All of my clients use Squarespace to host their sites.

By carefully limiting the number of projects I take on, I'm able to work with artists, writers, entrepreneurs, and otherwise do-it-yourself oriented clients who require a personal touch.

This started in 2005, when I discovered that ordinary people (ie: non techies) can use Squarespace to create and maintain beautiful sites without expensive software, extensive training, or a techie background. Helping others learn how to use this tool to market their passions is a remarkable way to spend my time. The pages I've put together here will provide insight into some of your options and will help determine if my services could be a good match for your needs.

A tip: You don't necessarily need my help to build a website on Squarespace.

Well, you may need help. But a lot of people don't. If you're in the do-it-yourself club, click here to read more thoughts on whether or not you might take a stab at this on your own, before hiring someone.

How does it work?

Every collaboration is unique and customized to my clients' needs. There are, however, a number of ways in which the process is similar from project to project.
Read about that here.

Why am I so into this platform anyway?

There's a back story here. This includes details about why I'm such a fan and also how I discovered Squarespace in the first place. For those interested.

What if my site is still hosted on Squarespce V5?

As any good tech company, Squarespace continues to grow and evolve. The latest versions of their platform are very impressive. Although I only work on the newest version of the platform, Squarespace 7, I have worked with a number of clients in their upgrade from the older version, and continue to take on the occasional collaboration geared toward the transition to V7. There are similarities between the two, and many differences. It's important that you know: upgrading from a V5 site isn't handled with just a few clicks of a button. In essence, we create a new site, starting with content imported from your V5 site. (Version 6 customers were ultimately upgraded to 7, as they're more alike than the version that was 5.) If you haven't yet upgraded to Squarespace 7, this page might be useful before contacting me.

You've read everything I've shared here and want to discuss a collaboration?

If you'd like to discuss your site needs with me, please use this form and tell me everything you can about yourself and your project needs. I will look forward to learning more and connecting with you.