Portfolio of Squarespace Website Samples

Learn more about my website design collaboration process, why I use Squarespace, and how you can explore the possibility of working together, by visiting this page. Below is a selection of websites I've created using Squarespace 5, 6 & 7:

- - - Click images below (mini slideshows!) & advance to additional page views of each example project. - - -

Ishimoto, V7, is the ideal foundation to showcase this intimate fitness center.
Visit 40 Below Fitness here.

Five, V7, met the diverse layout needs for this photo-rich interior design site.
Visit Captiva Home Design now.

Bedford, V6-7, perfectly showcases a fitness industry consulting firm's details.
Learn about Integerus.

Dovetail, V6-7, yielded the results this public speaker/trainer/coach desired.
Pat B. Freeman's site is here.

Adirondack, V6, provided the interest and versatility for this artist's portfolio.
View Karen Spencer's range of art.

Flatiron, V7, is the ideal template for a fine art painter with extensive portfolio.
View Phyllis Sharpe's artwork.

The V7 Ishimoto template was heavily modified to present architect's portfolio.
Visit Frank Cheney's site.

Marquee's V7 parallax scrolling opening
makes a bold statement for artists.
See Tracey J. Marshall's art.

A cover page + the Montauk template provides writer's ideal site design.
Ann Marie Biskar's site is here.

The V6 Ishimoto template provides the clean lines this client requires.
Visit Fitness Technology Tech Council.

Marquee, V6, is ideal for this project that focuses on creative collaboration.
This is The Collabative.

Reflecting the popularity of Marquee, V6, this client asked for it, specifically.
Visit The Creative Center.

Some of the Squarespace 5 sites on which I enjoyed collaborating: